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If you are a new client you have to take up to 3 Private sessions with a teacher to assess your strength level and get familiarized with the Machines. If you have  experience with the reformer you will be able to join a group class. If you have a group schedule request, we will add a class to meet your needs. Call 561-8560131.

Aerial trapeze yoga  ($35) BUY  for a half hour private

3 Group classes ($59) BUY  only for clients who have done Reformer in the last 2 years.

1 private intro ($65) BUY

3 Group classes and one private intro ($118) BUY

Specialized packaging available starting at $14 a class

Our specialized customized packaging can  include a variety of services depending on your travel schedule and location. To better serve you please give us some information by filling the form below, we will review your application and call you to book your evaluation session.
Our Transformation Programs : Apply for your 1st transformation session HERE!



Massage Therapy intro: ($75) BUY

Packages available

Medical Neuromuscular Therapy MassageWorks on triggers points, fascia system of the body, tendons attachments and ligaments, to help give muscles the tension/length that is needed to heal injuries. Excellent for scar tissue build up and bunched up muscles due to stress, workouts and bad ergonomic posture at work. Chinese cupping, ETPS DC current electric stimulation, Epsom salts/heat may be used in conjunction with stretches and corrective exercises.

Lymphatic Drainage  –  Vodder techniques will help the Lymphatic system get rid of toxins. This very light and soothing work will address constipation issues and swelling due to fluid retention after surgery or inactivity. Scars will be addressed.

Active Isolated Stretching  – The Aaron Mattes method of stretching is wonderful to counteract the effects of muscle shortening due to posture or injury. Although this is not a passive modality, it will help reprogram the nervous system and muscle length through movement, excellent for athletes and Parkinson patients.

Thai Yoga Massage – Without oils and with clothes on. The Wat -Poh technique uses acupressure points on meridians and stretches the whole body safely.

Sport Massage/ Deep Tissue – A combination of deep compression strokes and stretches will help athletes prepare for an event and get the blood flow going prior to tournaments or after event to restore muscle tension/length and alleviate lactic acid build up.

Reflexology –  This helps feet with tension of working and walking all day. Reflexology is not used for diagnostic purposes but rather works on the reflex zones and helps alleviate pain.

Chair Massage  – For busy bees, you keep your clothes on and enjoy a pressure point massage at lunch or between appointments with some much needed stretches. Minimum 20 minutes. $2/Min.