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ANTI-GRAVITY Exercising in slings can effectively challenge your neuromuscular system to help you build exceptional core strength, muscle stability and movement control. By leveraging your own body weight as resistance, there are hundreds of exercises available to maximize use of your training or treatment space.

Only on the Redcord can someone of any age, condition and strength level safely perform suspension type exercises. By introducing elastic bungee cords, you can assist the user throughout each movement and position (bridge, plank, squat, etc.). Similar to floating in a pool, this proprietary “bungee assistance” system allows you to precisely offload the person’s body weight in order to help establish normal movement patterns and neuromuscular control, without the interference of pain or compensation.

Who is utilizing Red Cord?

10+ Professional Sports Teams

10+ U.S. Hospital Systems

5+ NCAA Athletic Training Programs

100+ Physical Therapy Clinics

50+ Countries Worldwide