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Lydie is an excellent Pilates instructor. Very patient and knowledgeable and also great with medical massage and muscle work. Would highly recommend her for private instruction massage or classes!
Lydie is such an amazing instructor. Unique class with many classes to choose from to mix it up. My body feels wonderful every time I leave my class. We also have some great laughs!!

William S

Thank you Lydie! After years of chemo and other cancer treatments including 2 stem cell transplants, I had a stroke in April. My muscles in my arms, legs, hands and feet were so stiff and weak that I could barely walk or open a jar. Having gained 20 pounds of water weight due to swelling in my arms and legs I was miserable. After a few pilates sessions and lymphatic drainage massages with Lydie I have lost the 20 pounds and am able to feel my toes again! She is helping me stretch my muscles and gain strength again in my core and limbs. I had tried for months to do it on my own but soon realized I needed Help. Thank you Lydie!


Lauren O
I started going to Aerial Bodies in August of 2017 and I absolutely love it. I have lost 15lbs in two months and I feel amazing. I am stronger and my back pain has decreased drastically. The owner and instructors are knowledgeable and take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. The studio has a welcoming, down to earth atmosphere that is inviting to people of all levels of ability. The classes are serious about improving health but there is plenty of fun and laughter during the process. Aerial Bodies is truly a hidden gem in West Palm Beach, FL. I moved to the area in 2013 and tried a variety of gyms and studios over the years but never found one that I really liked or wanted to attend regularly. I teach tai chi and one day I was having a conversation with a colleague about yoga and tai chi and she mentioned Pilates. I researched it online and Aerial Bodies had the best reviews so I called and made an appointment. It was one of the best decisions I could have made. If you are looking for results, a fun atmosphere with great people, and an exercise routine that you look forward to then Aerial Bodies is for you!
The owner Lydie is a talented water skier who I met years ago. First as a Pilates instructor & then as my Masseuse. She really knows how to improve your body by making u stronger, become more flexible and have a stronger core. Her Pilates sessions and Massage Studio have also helped me to recover from a previous back injury. The studio also offers a product called the Spinal Rejuvenator. Awsome for neck and back pain.

Pastry chef with many backpain and joints problem ! I have seen many doctors and Lydie is a passionate lady who’s gonna do every thing she can to make you understand and work to make you feel better. She’s analyzing what’s wrong (your lifestyle (smoking junkfood etc.. position etc…) explain it to you with kindness and no judgment. She’s not here to make you come for no reason. She’s  trustable and knows what’s she’s doing.
Amanda S

Great place! This is my first go at Pilates and what a wonderful experience. It’s only been 2 weeks so far and I’m already seeing great results!

Update: 3 months into coming here, I am stronger, more active and am fitting into clothes I haven’t been able to use for a year! It’s not hard, the instructors are knowledgeable and guide well! I highly recommend Aerial Pilates.

Lydie is awesome! She truly cares for each of us and makes sure we do the moves correctly to avoid injuries. She is so creative, her routines are constantly changing. I’ve been going to Lydie’s classes for over six years and have never been bored!
I have been attending Aerial Bodies for ten years! I have done Massage and pilates rehab! I suffered herniated disc pain for years from an accident! The Medical massages and rehab exercises have allowed me to work in my daily life as a realtor who has to walk & drive constantly! Very qualified and professional services which I highly recommend!
Lyddy is highly knowledgeable about the body. If you want results come to a class or have a private session. She can get you back on track and feeling good!
This studio has changed my life. I suffer from PTSD, depression and anxiety. I have a disabled adult son. I usually do not share my life with other people and certainly not online. However, if my experience can help others it is worth it. Pilates is not just an isolated exercise discipline. In this studio it is about emotional support and comrade. The owner, Lydie Robsham cares about her students.
The classes are challenging and fun. The best part is it works. I’ve lost 17lbs in 4 months.
My head is straight and my anxiety level has decreased dramatically. I’ve committed myself to a lifetime of Pilates. Try a class or two. You won’t be disappointed.
This class is amazing! I gained so much strength in my body while taking the class. After 3 months my body was toned, firmer and much more flexible. Highly recommend Lydie’s classes.
Lydie is FANTASTIC! Truly cares about her clients and wants to be sure they are getting exactly what they need with careful attention to their specific needs. Her massages are wonderful, too! I love her classes and feel that they have helped my body become stronger and, most importantly, helped me heal from past injuries.
Aerial bodies studio is absolutely amazing!! And so is Lydie. It’s nice to go somewhere where Lydie cares so much and helps you all through your workouts. I am starting my fourth week and after class this past Saturday the owner Lydie who is truly a gem wanted me to weight myself. I couldn’t believe my eyes….. I lost 11 lbs.
After all of the brutal workouts at Orange Theory,  La Fitness…… Boot camps I never saw results as I am seeing now. With a good diet and four day work out at Aerial I’m in heaven.Not only do I feel good and look great my flexibility is incredible now and back aches I no longer have.
I have finally found a workout for a lifetime. Every class is different and fun and the instructors are amazing as well they really care. Lydie your the best….
I ride horses and play golf, and Lydie is the best pilates class I’ve ever had. The facility and location aren’t flashy, but she makes every class unique and has improved my core and muscle strength immensely.
Best massage therapy By far!!
I know lydie for over 7 years now . She treated my back and neck for almost a year after an accident, pain was completely away. Since then I always go to her when I am injured or in discomfort, nothing she can’t fix! I feel in professional Hands with her . Lydie is an athlete herself and has studied extensively for over 20 years. I have also tried her Pilates classes and I loved it, i was much stronger after a month practicing, unfortunately I am in Miami and I miss enormously the Pilates classes.
Muchas gracias Lydie, un privilegio saber que cuento con alguien profesional cuando se trata de cuidar mi cuerpo.:). Eva.V
This pilates class works out your entire body. I am sore for days after and every muscle is activated during one session. I feel stronger, leaner, and overall energized after a class. Highly recommend for cardio lovers & lifters.
I left Crossfit because of constant injuries and decided to try Pilates at another studio. The classes were slow and I didn’t see much progress. I found Aerial Bodies Pilates and the difference is amazing. I was challenged in every class and my strength improved in a short time. I’m able to get cardio as well. I’m so in love with the results and how this studio was able to transform my body in such a short time with no injuries. Pilates is not just about stretching, it’s an all over body workout and this studio is a must for those looking to up their fitness level and really see their bodies transform. I’m forever a fan!
I can’t say enough good things about Lydie, the owner and instructor at Aerial Bodies. Her experience and knowledge of the human body and application of this restorative exercise make her one of the best in our area. The level of attention received even in group classes make it an exceptional value. I’ve worked out at gyms and have been unable to achieve the results I’ve seen in the few months I’ve been attending classes. Pilates has changed every aspect of my life and wellbeing and I couldn’t have been able to do it without her! PLEASE try her out, you won’t be disappointed!

Jackie c

“Lydie is an outstanding professional – knowledgeable, experienced and always willing to help. She’s an amazing athlete who has the rare ability to effectively teach and coach the “common person.” She’s a great instructor who “walks the talk.” She is also a highly educated and skilled manual therapist with extensive experience in physical rehabilitation.”Thanks-

 Venus Caruso

Lydie is phenomenal whether you are looking for pilates, yoga or massages! She’s attentive to your goals and any health issues you may be suffering from, and works with you to tailor your exercises accordingly. Her massages are by far the absolute best – they are heavenly, relaxing and healing. She’s a hidden gem that I am grateful to have discovered!

Ray O neill

I have been taking pilates classes at Aerial Bodies roughly 3 months now, and Lydie (the instructor) is a dream to work with. Her knowledge of the craft is amazing, she is a true professional. I started seeing/feeling a difference in my body in just a couple sessions, and I honestly give most of the credit to her teaching methods. Thank you Lydie…you are the BEST!

 Belinda Herring
I am a breast cancer survivor. Chemotherapy and radiation left my muscles weak and energy level extremely low. I am taking private sessions in pilates from Lydie and in 1 month, I ALREADY feel more energized and I am gaining muscle strength in my arms and legs! I am “learning” how to breathe properly which helps with cell regeneration. I am progressing at my own rate, no pressure to do more than my body is ready for. Lydie is patient and encouraging . I ENCOURAGE all cancer survivors to call, talk to Lydie and see what she can do for you. Aerial Bodies is a great gift that you can give yourself.
 Sandra Harding
Aerial Bodies is by far the best pilates studio in South Florida! Since I moved to Florida 3 years ago, I have been taking classes from Lydie and my body has been transformed! She is an excellent instructor with a vast knowledge of Pilates! I recommend her classes! She patterns her Pilates workout to your needs and strengths……so when you are searching for a new Pilates studio, please call Aerial Bodies, Lydie, you will be so happy you did!
Desiree Reed
I am a newbie on Pilates but so fare I have been loving it! The classes are fun, and its not as hard as I was expecting.I definitely recommend Aerial Bodies Pilates to anybody that is looking for a good Pilates Class. Thanks Lydie for your help!
Lauren Dickinson
I have been taking pilates reformer classes from Lydie at Aerial Bodies for 2 1/2 years religiously! I noticed a huge difference in my body, strength, flexibility, and sleep. Her classes are small and intimate, you feel like it is a private lesson. She is a great teacher who molds each class to the clients and switches it up each class to make it interesting by adding new exercises! I am in bikini-shape in February thanks to Lydie! She is highly recommended!

Yelp review

RD Lydie is the consummate professional trainer.    I had never done Pilates before and in her capable hands she had me doing exercises that I would never have thought possible.  For a 74 year old male to do a “monkey” Pilates move on my second session is pretty amazing.  Her teachings have changed the way I think about staying in shape.  Thanks, Lydie!

Aaron H

Lydie has been my saving grace. I have scoliosis which in turn gives me tension headaches.

For years I was unable to find any real relief but with the combination of massage therapy, yoga and Pilates (all done with Lydie) I’m feeling not only the relief of tension headaches but I have more energy, strength and general well being is the best it’s been in years.

Lydie is a gifted women who is very intuitive and passionate about helping those in need.

Best Pilates teacher. I do groups and private. Lydie is very attentive and really takes the time to show everyone how to do the exercises properly.  No pain since I started doing Pilates again.  Thanks Lydie.

It’s a 5 star because of Lydie….this is the place for you if you have real needs – to tone up, lose weight, gain strength or recover from an injury or surgery. Lydie works with real people who need to improve their health and body.  Excellent equipment and the best instruction for your needs.  If you are out of shape or over 30 or not a beautiful person, you won’t feel out of place here or embarrassed, this is not a parade of beauties showing off how toned they are!I love the studio because it is very friendly, inviting and everyone works together at their own pace with real personal attention constantly…and there is plenty of parking on site and a great location.  But the key is Lydie’s amazing knowledge of physiology – she knows why you hurt in detail (muscles, tendons, etc.) A world water ski champion , her own capabilities are amazing including doing all the rehab work to come back to full strength after major surgeries, a recently badly broken leg (water ski accident) – Lydie is not the average physical trainer or Pilates teacher!  Go once and you’ll be as convinced as I am.
 Kathie W

I’ve taken pilates for years in many different cities, and Lydia is the best trainer I’ve had.  She mixes it up so we worked all parts and kept it interesting.  The facility and location are underwhelming but the classes make up for no frufru, and the other ladies in the classes were very sweet. Her classes have improved my horseback riding and my golf game with strength and stability.

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Nikki Hunt 5 Stars January 18, 2017

Lydie is incredible.!! I’m new to the area and so happy to have found Aerial Bodies. I can’t wait to continue my training post pregnancy.

This is amazing work you can be proud of yourself doing. Each session you feel better and better about you! Lydie is the best she is a pro and will take you as far as you are willing to go. Join us, its a happy place to live!

Two City Plaza – West Palm Beach Condos Lydie is one of the most experienced Pilates instructors in the area! SIMPLY the B-E-S-T! Colleen ~ The Official Two City Plaza Insider .

Emily Mendez October 24, 2016 5star Lydie is an inspiration! Her energy and attention make every class personal. She makes it easy and fun for people of all fitness levels to use the machines. You will love pilates after you find her.

Maria Claudia Velez  October 23, 2016 5star Love this place and Lydie is an amazing teacher! Her knowledge and attention to your individual needs makes her the perfect Pilates instructor.

Keisha Michelle  May 10, 2016 5star Only had 2 classes and 1 massage with/by Lydie so far but she’s amazing!!! My lower back/hip has been bothering for about a year now and she worked some kind of magic, I am SO excited to get stronger/better at Pilates =)

Taylor D. Schneider  December 16 5 star Lydie is the most patient and skillful instructor. She has worked with me before, during, and after my pregnancy. I am so grateful I found her studio. Thank you, Lydie!!

Debra Tomarin  December 20, 2011 5star The best pilates teacher in West Palm Beach! Plus her extra skills being a massage therapist just gives her an edge!

Sara Beth Force  October 18, 2011 5star Lydie, founder of Aerial Bodies, is THE best massage therapist I have ever experienced. I highly recommend her. Sara Beth Force

Francine Fishpaw  5 starFebruary 16 I have been practicing pilates for 5 yrs as well I am a certified trainer in Massachusetts, I have been weight training,yoga and pilates for over 45 years and I have never met any one with as much knowledge of the body, corrective exercises and the ability to adapt to individuals issues,whether that be inactivity, over use in bad form and injuries. I feel fortunate to be here in west palm and met Lydie at Aerial pilates. Best classes ever.

Ann Roth  5 star December 14 Lydie is an awesome instructor! I’ve been attending her classes for a few years. She keeps the workouts varied and interesting. She knows a lot about human anatomy and how to avoid injuries

Paul Goldberg June 26, 2015  Lydie will move you…..both mind and body! You will walk taller, sit up straighter and discover muscles you never knew you had. I love her classes…..Great job Lydie! Kate Prado

Elisabeth Varian I haven’t done any Pilates for 13 years. Being out of shape, I wasn’t sure if I could do it again. Lydie is encouraging and a great trainer. I cannot believe that my body can do half the things it does in her Equipment class. I’m excited to be losing the extra weight and actually enjoying a fitness class.

Christine Mc Culloch December 10, 2014 5star Even good for ladies like me that are over 50!

Jutta Speck December 20, 2011 5star lydie is a fantastic Pilates trainer…so happy to have her !