Introductory Offers

JUMP START Your 2019! Fitness Program: 6 weeks for $250 - all the classes you want!

Unlimited classes of any type for a week  ~  $49

Initial session (including private evaluation of your specific needs) and 3 group classes  ~  $118

Private Sessions:  Pilates, Aerial Trapeze Yoga or Floor Yoga  ~   30 minutes for $35/60 minutes for $65

Body Transformation Program customized for your goals: get more information HERE!

Call or text Lydie at 561-856-0131 for more information:
Introduction to Pilates - every Thursday at 5:30PM - FREE
Introduction to Aerial Yoga - every Sunday at 11AM - FREE

Class Schedule

About Aerial Bodies

We specialize in personal fitness and restorative and corrective exercise. Using Pilates, yoga, medical massage and other techniques, we help you regain good personal fitness. Our bodies lose fitness with age, weight gain, illness, childbirth, surgery and disease processes. Proper exercise based on your needs will help you regain strength, balance, flexibility and confidence. Say goodbye to pain and stiffness when you are able to stretch and move with ease!

About Us


Medical Massage


Aerial Yoga & Red Cord

Back Pain Relief

Come and enjoy our approach to fitness and health in a calm environment where the focus is on YOU! 

  • We offer a holistic approach to overall fitness in a calm environment – no loud music or noise

  • Emphasis on your needs based on your current physical condition

  • Small group classes (4-6 people) or private sessions – your choice

  • Custom exercise programs to accommodate your physical problems and goals

  • Never a one-size-fits-all approach because we recognize each body is different

  • We speak English, French and Spanish – exercise in your language

Our Goal

Personalized attention to guide and motivate you to regain fitness through proper movement. Creative exercise programs and modifications to suit your body type, posture and physical condition.

Emphasis on steady and controlled movements. No strenuous repetitive exercise sets to leave you exhausted and discouraged. No crowds, no loud music or sweaty equipment. At Aerial Bodies you’ll feel comfortable and welcome ~ and get the help you need to regain the fitness level you need!


Conveniently located in West Palm Beach 5 minutes from City Place and around the corner from PBI. 

Plenty of parking right outside our door!