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Introduction to Pilates – every FRIDAY from 5 - 5:30PM
Introduction to Aerial Yoga – every SATURDAY from 11 - 11:30am

Reserve your spot - Call or text LYDIE at 561-856-0131

About Aerial Bodies

We are a small, private fitness studio conveniently located in West Palm Beach, 5 minutes from City Place. We specialize in restorative and corrective exercise for all ages, all physical conditions and disabilities.

Age, weight gain, illness, accidents, surgery and childbirth cause our body to lose strength, balance and flexibility.  We then lose our confidence in how we move, look and feel, even in everyday activities.

At AerialBodies we help you regain the level of fitness you need by using the proven techniques of Pilates, yoga, medical massage and other specialized methods.

Our therapy tools include the Pilates Cadillac, chairs, reformers, spinal corrector, Red Cord suspension and anti-gravity yoga, Swissballs, weights, foam rollers, LED light-therapy, DC current electrical stimulation, Chinese cupping and other modalities.

For those whose needs are sports specific training or body enhancement or shaping, we can take you there!

Come and enjoy our approach to fitness and health in a calm environment where the focus is on YOU! 

Come and enjoy our approach to fitness and health in a calm environment where the focus is on YOU! 


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What's Different At Aerial Bodies?

  • Very small group classes
  • Personal fitness training
  • Workouts designed for your body type
  • Maximum cueing and personal postural correction
  • Calm environment – no loud music
  • No Shame - No Judgement Zone
  • English, French or Spanish spoken

What Is It?

  • Pilates, Floor Yoga, Anti-Gravity Yoga, Weights/Bands
  • No two classes alike! 
  • 3 small group classes for $49
  • 6 weeks/3 classes per week for $250
  • Private Sessions: $65
  • *intro offer for new clients only

Got Back Pain?

Get rid of it with stronger back muscles, spinal decompression and increased flexibility.  How? Pilates, yoga, assisted stretch, and massage will take away your back pain ~ ask your doctor!

Join our Jump Start Fitness Program ~ we’ll customize your workout for your needs.  Add a massage after your workout.

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Prices At AerialBodies

AerialBodies is a small health and fitness studio focusing on personal attention to every client either in our small group classes or in private sessions. Each individual has a different goal to reach. We use most favorite customer pricing to ensure that all clients get the best price for the program that will meet your specific goal.

We offer packages and a variety of membership levels. Our focus is custom personal fitness and restorative/rehabilitative and corrective exercise at a professional. We are not a gym or a franchise.

Pilates & Yoga


Pilates consists of a slow, sustained series of exercises done 5-10 times on a comfortable platform raised 16” off the floor. There are over 500 Pilates exercises.

For men and women equally, Pilates increases muscle strength with emphasis on the most important “core” muscles (abdomen, lower back, hips, buttocks) and this relieves lower back pain, improves stability and balance.

Pilates is also used to increase weight loss and improve body toning so your body’s shape improves, clothes fit better and energy increases. Recommended by doctors for relief of lower back pain and other stresses and strains that cause pain.

Advanced Pilates

An effective cross-training workout and a plateau-busting change to your regular weightlifting and cardio fitness routine. For advanced levels and athletes – taught by a world-ranked athlete.

Floor Yoga

Yoga is a no-impact method of exercise particularly helpful to relieve stress and chronic pain in particularly many forms of back pain and sciatica.  Yoga lowers blood pressure, increases flexibility, muscle strength,, improves breathing, increases energy and helps balance your metabolism. In addition, it is helpful to lose weight, improve cardio and circulatory health, and improve athletic performance. Yoga is for everyone, any age, any shape.

Anti-Gravity Yoga

This newer form of yoga uses assistive slings that allow you to increase your body flexibility while maintaining your balance. Better and less risky than an inversion table, you control your movements that allow you to release tension in your bones and muscles. Outstanding for spinal and shoulder pain and flexibility. Easily done by novices or advanced athletes and worthwhile for all.

Medical Massage

Medical Neuromuscular & Trigger Point

Works on triggers points, fascia system of the body, tendons attachments and ligaments, to help give muscles the tension/length that is needed to heal injuries. Excellent for scar tissue build up and bunched up muscles due to stress, workouts and bad ergonomic posture at work.

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage

Slower, more-forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. You will feel this massage on the table, but experience relief from your symptoms for many days. Helpful for athletes in combination with Sport Massage.

Active Isolated Stretching

The Aaron Mattes method of stretching is wonderful to counteract the effects of muscle shortening due to posture or injury. Although this is not a passive modality, it will help reprogram the nervous system and muscle length through movement, excellent for athletes and Parkinson patients.

Medical Lymphatic Drainage

A light and soothing medical massage used to relieve lymphedema following radiation treatment, infection, trauma, liposuction surgery, breast surgery or childbirth. Lymphedema may occur immediately after radiation or surgery, or weeks, months and even years later. Fractures and sprains may also cause lymphedema swelling that does not resolve itself. Chronic constipation and weight loss also addressed by this type of massage. A combination of Vodder and Leduc techniques used.

Lypossage - Detoxification or Body Sculpting

Lypossage moves fluids stored in your body fat and lets your body remove them naturally. This is a non-invasive clinically proven medical massage technique used to flush toxins and medications from the system naturally. Can alleviate pain due to fascia restrictions, as well as help with weight loss, constipation, pain, and scar tissues from injuries and surgery.

Lypossage also helps remove lymphatic fluids which, when stagnant can create bumps, bulges and lumps of cellulite. It breaks up adhesions that create dimples. This is the most respected and used body contouring technique in the US and Europe with average loss of 6” (or more) with the full program. (Called “Lipossage” in Europe.) Increasingly popular for its many benefits. Best results occur with set number of treatments.

AerialBodies West Palm Beach


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Conveniently located in West Palm Beach 5 minutes from City Place and around the corner from PBI. 

605 Belvedere Road - Suite # 8
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405


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Expertise At AerialBodies

Our focus is custom personal fitness and restorative/rehabilitative and corrective exercise at a professional level. 

Lydie Robsham

Fitness Expert & Owner

My specialty is providing professional corrective exercise and techniques to increase physical fitness to improve movement, flexibility, balance and muscle tone.

With over 25 years experience and expertise in corrective and restorative exercise, medical and neuromuscular therapy, massage therapies and lymphatic drainage, I have helped hundreds of people regain a useful level of fitness, more mobility, better balance and significant pain reduction.

I have a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Sports Physiology and am a former physical education, gymnastics coach and massage therapist to high level sports teams.

As a lifelong athlete, I understand the importance of maintaining fitness. Having had serious injuries and major surgeries myself, I know how essential and difficult rehab is. After physical therapy is finished, post-rehab work is essential to truly regain the movement, balance and flexibility we all need.

My personal sport is tricks water-skiing and I currently hold 12 international medals, 4 world titles and 2 US National titles in this sport, as well as a number of French and European water-ski titles and medals.

  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • Classical Pilates Instruction (600 hours)
  • Yoga Kripalu (200 hours)
  • Active Facilitated Stretching (Aaron Mattes)
  • Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage Training
  • Red Cord Suspension Training
  • Aerial Trapeze Yoga Training
  • CHEK L2 Corrective 
  • MPS Microcurrent Pain Therapy
  • Lypossage Cellulite Certified Training
  • St. Johns Neuromuscular Pain Institute
  • Mackenzie Back Protocol for Low Back Pain
  • Wat Poh Thai Yoga 
  • Medical Massage Training