Lydie Robsham

Owner, Restorative and Corrective Exercise Specialist, Pilates/Yoga/Aerial Yoga instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist and certified Personal Trainer.

Lydie’s specialty is in corrective exercise and techniques to increase physical fitness to improve movement, flexibility, balance and muscle tone, decrease pain and injuries. She has over 25 years experience in medical/neuromuscular therapy, a variety of massage therapies and lymphatic drainage. Lydie holds a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Sports Physiology (specialty in Gymnastics) and is a former physical education and gymnastics coach for the French Ministry of Education and the French International School in Washington, DC.  She speaks English, French and Spanish.
Lydie Robsham West Palm Beach

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International Medals

Lydie currently holds 12 international medals in Waterskiing, and has ranked 12th in the world in Tricks skiing open women division. She was four times Gold medalist at Worlds over 35 year old in Tricks and Slalom (2000, 2014, 2016), Bronze medalist at  Open European Championships (2001), US National champion (2014 and 2015), as well as holding a number of French and European water-skiing titles and medals.

Certifications & Trainings

Maria Velez
Pilates Instructor

Maria is fully trained in Classical Pilates Education and works with both new and experienced students. Maria is enthusiastic in sharing the many benefits of Pilates, as well as demonstrating new and playful ways to use the equipment for those who want to go further.  Maria’s classes are fun-filled and enjoyed by all her students of any level. Maria is a graduate of the Universidad Pontificia (Medellin, Columbia) and speaks English and Spanish.


Ruthie Lawrence
Pilates Instructor

Ruthie lawrence is a seasoned Pilates Instructor with 20 y experience in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach at various studios. She is certified with Core Dynamics classical instruction in Miami. Her recent certification includes Red Cord Suspension Training and Tom Myers Movement and Postural certification (200 hrs) which encompasses work in the fascia lines, movement neural intervention and touch. She also works with the Power Plate vibration stepper that allows balance work with elder patients.

Blake Deloach
Licensed Massage Therapist

Blake joined the Army shortly after high school and on Oct. 18, 2010, the career he enjoyed so much came to an abrupt end while on a mission with the 1-32nd Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division, in Kunar Afghanistan. A rocket-propelled grenade struck his vehicle and he lost his sight as a result of the blast.
Blake went through a lengthy rehabilitation process that included learning to live independently with vision loss. He has obtained his certification as a personal trainer, became a Powerlifter, competing in local and regional meets.
Blake was aware of how massage therapy helped not only his lifting but his overall health.  After getting a Graston technique massage at Aerial Bodies he was inspired to enroll in the massage therapy program at Palm Beach State, where he is currently a student.  Blake is a firm believer in the benefit of massage therapy and he looks forward to sharing that with his clients.

Nicole Quintavalle, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist (MA 39146) & Yoga and Wellness Practitioner (RY200)

Nicole is a gifted Massage Therapist from the Academy of Healing Arts who has a genuine passion for helping others.
She has a facialist License from the Boca Raton Institute and In 2008 attended ITM in Chiang Mai Thailand where she studied Thai Massage and Herbal Therapy. In the East, Thai Massage is called the “lazy man’s yoga” because of the passive yoga stretches that are incorporated into the sessions along with deep pressure points on the meridians lines and performed on a mat with the client completely clothed.

She is also now certified with 500 hour Yoga Alliance program with Yoga Fox in Delray Beach.

Candy Kinsey
Pilates Instructor

Candy Kinsey- Pilates Instructor
Candy began her Pilates practice in 2003 and teaching career in 2007 launching her own private Pilates space in Chattanooga,Tennessee. She continued to teach Pilates and TRX in New Orleans, Louisiana before moving to West Palm Beach in 2019.
Candy has trained through Balanced Body, Jennifer Kries. and Rebecca Leone. She loves dance and exploring different types of movement. She is especially interested in solving problems of posture, pain and performance.


Kelsey Ofarrell
Pilates Instructor

Kelsey is a mom of a 2 y old boy and discovered Pilates after her pregnancy. As a lifelong athlete, she decided to become an instructor seeing the benefits of this full body conditioning on her physical and mental well being. She is studying with Classical Pilates Education in Boca Raton and is passionate about teaching clients.