"Thank you Lydie! After years of chemo and other cancer treatments including 2 stem cell transplants, I had a stroke in April. My muscles in my arms, legs, hands and feet were so stiff and weak that I could barely walk or open a jar. Having gained 20 pounds of water weight due to swelling in my arms and legs I was miserable. After a few pilates sessions and lymph massages with Lydie I have lost the 20 pounds and am able to feel my toes again! She is helping me stretch my muscles and gain strength again in my core and limbs. I had tried for months to do it on my own but soon realized I needed Help. Thank you Lydie!"
William S.
"Lydie is FANTASTIC! Truly cares about her clients and wants to be sure they are getting exactly what they need with careful attention to their specific needs. Her massages are wonderful, too! I love her classes and feel that they have helped my body become stronger and, most importantly, helped me heal from past injuries."
Kimberly D.

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"I am a breast cancer survivor. Chemotherapy and radiation left my muscles weak and energy level extremely low. I am taking private sessions in pilates from Lydie and in 1 month, I ALREADY feel more energized and I am gaining muscle strength in my arms and legs! I am "learning" how to breathe properly which helps with cell regeneration. I am progressing at my own rate, no pressure to do more than my body is ready for. Lydie is patient and encouraging . I ENCOURAGE all cancer survivors to call, talk to Lydie and see what she can do for you. She has added a Yoga Class for Cancer Survivors and that will be next on my agenda. Aerial Bodies is a great gift that you can give yourself."
Belinda H.
"Lydie is phenomenal whether you are looking for pilates, yoga or massages! She's attentive to your goals and any health issues you may be suffering from, and works with you to tailor your exercises accordingly. Her massages are by far the absolute best - they are heavenly, relaxing and healing. She's a hidden gem that I am grateful to have discovered!"
Venus C.
"The owner Lydie is a talented water skier who I met years ago. First as a Pilates instructor & then as my Masseuse. She really knows how to improve your body by making u stronger, become more flexible and have a stronger core. Her Pilates sessions and Massage Studio have also helped me to recover from a previous back injury. The studio also offers a product called the Spinal Rejuvenator. Awsome for neck and back pain."
Christine P.
"Lydie is an outstanding professional – knowledgeable, experienced and always willing to help. She’s an amazing athlete who has the rare ability to effectively teach and coach the “common person.” She’s a great instructor who “walks the talk.” She is also a highly educated and skilled manual therapist with extensive experience in physical rehabilitation."
Jackie C.
"I have been attending Aerial Bodies for ten years! I have done Massage and pilates rehab! I suffered herniated disc pain for years from an accident! The Medical massages and rehab exercises have allowed me to work in my daily life as a realtor who has to walk & drive constantly! Very qualified and professional services which I highly recommend!"
Debra T.
"I’ve been a customer for 7years and I am planning to continue as long as I can , Lydie always surprises with something new and that makes the classes very entertaining and interactive, never boring. Also Me and my husband tried her wonderful talent as a medical massage therapist plus the scar tissue electrical stimulation release, whole treat for body and soul! This place it’s perfect for restorative exercise and medical massage to address injuries and different conditions! Aerial bodies es el lugar perfecto para las personas que buscan mejorar no sólo su apariencia física sino que también su salud integral con ejercicio restaurativo, masages terapéuticos y consejos nutricionales!"
Arthur G.
"Lyddy is highly knowledgeable about the body. If you want results come to a class or have a private session. She can get you back on track and feeling good!"
Janet R.
"This class is amazing! I gained so much strength in my body while taking the class. After 3 months my body was toned, firmer and much more flexible. Highly recommend Lydie's classes."
B. Ramos
"Great place! This is my first go at Pilates and what a wonderful experience. It’s only been 2 weeks so far and I’m already seeing great results! Update: 3 months into coming here, I am stronger, more active and am fitting into clothes I haven’t been able to use for a year! It’s not hard, the instructors are knowledgeable and guide well! I highly recommend Aerial Pilates. - The picture of me in a Jean skirt that I tried on today, and it fits!!!!! (First time in over a year!!)"
Amanda S.

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